Welcome to Autumn War 2016!

Note: Updated 6-7-16

Autumn War 2016!

A call to arms!

The Northmen have come to our shores to claim the lands and throne of England led by Baron Hengist Helgasson (aka Harald Hardrada). Count Sir Styrkarr Jarlsskald (aka Harold Godwinson) has called forth his Saxon warriors to meet him in battle…to fearlessly face the Raven feeder head on and keep he and his bloodthirsty warriors at bay.

Come join the Baron of Blatha an Oir as we celebrate the 950th anniversary of Harald Hardrada’s attack on England and the Battle of Stamford Bridge. This five day event will include fighting (both heavy and rapier), archery, arts and sciences competitions, Thrown Weapons, brewing contests, siege cooking competition, Iron Needle contest and much, much more!

Site Fee: $25 for the five day event or $15 for one day. Children up to 17 years old are going to be guests of the Barony of Blatha an Oir. Regular NMS fees apply.

Site opens Thursday August 18th at 11am for merchants only and 1pm for the populace. Site closes Monday August 22nd at 3pm for EVERYONE.

Site address: Nix farm, 220 Nix Road, Chehalis, WA 98532.

Autumn War Important Information on Fires

For those that smoke please remember that smoking is only allowed in your encampment. No smoking (even in your car) from the time you leave the paved street until you reach your encampment.

This site is currently under construction.  Please note that many of the links are not accurate at this time.

  • Site Fee:  *UPDATED*
    • Adult (18 and older) $30 ($5 SCA member discount)
    • Child (0-17) Guests of the Barony
    • Saturday Day Trip $20 ($5 SCA member discount)


Site Information:

Nix Farm
220 Nix Road
Chehalis, WA 98532