Archers of An Tir pray attend!

At Autumn War 2018, archery is planned to run Friday, Saturday, and possibly Sunday if there is interest.

The range will be split into separate ranges for adults and youth. This will allow younger archers the ability to participate in any YAFA classes that may be available, as well allow the youth range to double as an atlatl range for those who wish to throw.

Novelty Shoots

Novelty shoots will be scheduled for Saturday, 3PM.

York Range

We will also have a York range set up. For the York it will be available upon request and marshal availability.

Arcuarius Shoot

I am encouraging any and all Arcuarii in attendance to seek out members of the Order of the Grey Goose Shaft that they have not met, or have not shot with to introduce themselves ask if they may shoot with them.

A final schedule will be made available upon completion.

Lord Biǫrn Atlason
Arcuarius to Leif Moonshadow Dalesonn
Archery Marshal for Autumn War 2018