Bardic Competition

Autumn War 2018 Bardic Competition

Bards love their baroness more than yours

Calling all Bards, word weavers, troubadours, and performers of all types, from the Lands of the Golden Blossom, Wealdsmere, and beyond!

The Autumn War 2018 Bardic Competition will consist of 1 main entry of original performance piece dedicated to either Baroness A’yse al Zahra, Baroness of Blatha an Oir; or to Baroness Sigrun Osrikswife, Baroness of Wealdsmere.  The original piece must be no longer than 12 minutes long, must be presented in a period style, and must be about one of the baronesses and why you love them (do they inspire with the softest touch? Does their beauty stop you in your tracks? Tell us!!) Oral documentation as to the specific style of performance encouraged but not required, and any oral documentation will count in your total 12 minute performance time. (Ex. This is a filk written to the tune of Greensleeves, which was written in the 16th century and sometimes incorrectly attributed to Henry the VIII).

Competition will take place Friday night at 9pm, or directly following the end of the Torchlight Tourney. The bardic competition will be in the same area as the tourney/town square. Sign-ups will be directly before the bardic competition with Lady Maire.

Bards will perform for a panel of lucky yet-to-be-named judges, and will be judged on the following:

Oral documentation offered
Time: did the performance stay within the time requirements?
Mood: did the performance evoke a Medieval/Renaissance ambience?
Audience interest: did the performance hold the interest of those watching?
Performance/technical ability: were the piece and performance well written, sung/spoken/danced/recited?

Bonus Baroness Point

Bonus point awarded for above-average emotional response.   Did the subject baroness blush and hide her face, laugh uproariously and fall out of her chair, was she moved to tears?  The performance is about her after all.
Performers should have a 2nd performance piece ready in case of a tie (no longer than 5 minutes in length).