Companions of the Shattered Lance Torchlight Tournament

The Companions of the Shattered Lance proudly presents the Twelfth Annual Autumn War Torchlight Prize Tournament

My Lords and Ladies, bring your weapons and gauntlets and display your chivalric spirit on the Eric Friday night and compete in this wonderful Torchlight Tournament.

Message from the Marshal in Charge

Armor inspection and introductions will begin at 7:00pm. The combat will begin at dusk. The format will be based on list size.

This year’s contest will be open to any weapons style but shields will be limited to 16 inches in any dimension. Also, the combat will be fought a’ plaisance, which is the historical term from the fourteenth century meaning that the use of the point is forbidden.

We will end the evening with a two-person single-sword relay at the barrier. So make sure you stick around to the end. Rest assured, there will be plenty of fighting for everyone!

The Companions of the Shattered Lance will select The Victor of this tournament whom we believe most fully encompass those virtues of chivalry we aspire to achieve.

To enter the lists your armor needs to be of a high standard and clearly represent the period of your persona. To that end, no visible plastic or modern materials may be visible. Some other items that are not permitted are: visible tape, stickers on helmets, tennis shoes, and large areas of rust on your armor. A banner or other display of your heraldry and a herald are also recommended, but not required.

Please Contact Sir Gernon for more information.