Hati Longtooth Memorial Woodworking Competition

A Brief History of the Hati Longtooth Memorial Woodworking Competition

Hati was an amazing woodworker for most of his life. An absolute stickler for attention to detail, he was well-known for his custom wood boxes. This competition was set up in his honor at Autumn War, his favorite event, to honor his memory. Even though he only played in the SCA for a short time he impacted the lives of every person he met, young, old, and in between. Friend to many and Father to a special few, he passed shortly after Autumn War in 1995 from pancreatic cancer – a sad loss for the Kingdom of An Tir and the SCA.

In his memory, all workers in wood are encouraged, invited and cajoled to bring their current creations to Autumn war 2018 for entry into the 22nd annual Hati Longtooth Memorial Woodworking competition.

Your entry must be one of the following:

  1. A finished Medieval style object made or partly-made of wood where you did the woodworking.
  2. An in-process object that demonstrates a Medieval woodworking technique (If you wish to be on hand to demonstrate your process, you will be given 10 minutes to do so, please contact HL Audny at the email listed below to reserve your time).

Documentation should consist of your name and a description of what you are entering, either printed clearly on a 3 X 5 card or in a handout that can be shown to the judges. Pictures and full documentation are always welcome and encouraged but not required. It should be your own work and something that hasn’t been entered previously in a competition.

Any skill level is encouraged (if 2 or more youth enter we will have a youth point for the war!)

Enter for the joy of sharing your love of Medieval woodworking, and to win a War point for your chosen Baroness!

Entries should be brought to the BAO pavilion where final court will be held on Saturday. Entries will be received up until an hour before court, where they will be judged by the War Barons and two woodworking judges.

For any questions, email HL Audny Refsdottir at erin_dolphin@hotmail.com