Iron Needle Competition

Iron Needle Information:
Iron Needle Competition Begins after Saturday Morning Court, picking up the materials and declaring which side you are competing for at the Baronial Pavilion. Iron Needle closes at 4 P.M Saturday, bringing your completed items back to HL Angharat at the Baronial Pavilion. The winner of the War Point will be announced in Court.
Teamwork and an announcement to compete is *highly* encouraged for this non-martial war point. Contact HL Angharat verch Reynulf at to announce your intentions to compete. Supplies will be available from Angharat for one hour after Saturday morning court at the baronial pavilion, and the completed entries will be due for return there at 4 pm, prior to evening court so that the judges may make their decisions for announcement at Sunday court. All those participating will be able to work on their entries where they choose, whether their encampment, on the side of the warfield, and so forth – rather than everyone in one area. The challenge is to make largesse, to be awarded to the winning team’s choice of side. Competitors may use their own tools and thread, and add their own materials to their entry to supplement or accessorize the materials supplied for the competition. Bonus points will be given by the judges for items appropriate to this year’s theme for Autumn War.