Iron Needle Competition

Iron Needle at Autumn War 2018

It is my honor to be running the Iron Needle competition this year at Autumn War as the illustrious BAO A&S Champion has taken on the monumental task of running the event and has been kind to ask me to do so. As such, I’ve decided on a contest to create Largesse!

I will be embroidering 10 of each of the lovely patterns below, 10 for Blatha, 10 for Wealdsmere on scraps of linen. Your challenge is to apply the embroidery pattern in a creative way to a hand-sewn object you have created at the event to be donated to your Barony as Largesse!

When it will be happening

On Saturday, patches will be handed out at morning court directly after it finishes, competition ends 1 hour before evening court and items must be turned in to Audny Refsdottir in the A&S area.

Iron Needle Rules:

1. The item that your patch is applied to must be made at Autumn War, 2018.
2. Project can be created by a single person or team
3. Item must be donated to your barony at the end of the competition for largesse
4. Patch must be incorporated in some way directly to the item in a permanent fashion (not pinned on) You can use any materials you see fit.
If I have any patches left over I will donate them unfinished to their prospective barony to do with as they wish.
2 warpoints, 1 for most creative use of patch (chosen by your Baronesses and myself), and 1 for the Barony with the most patches used!

YIS HL Audny Refsdottir, Courtier of Blatha An Oir