Rapier Scenarios

Rapier Scenarios for Autumn War 2018

Word has spread throughout the Kingdom of the exceptional beauty and grace of the Baroness of Blatha An Oir. However, a rival for her title of Most Beloved Baroness is rising from the East; Wealdsmere contends that their own Baroness is much more beautiful, graceful and well-loved.

Friday Scenarios

If we have enough people, Friday will be bring your best Round Robin.
Planned start around 6pm.

Saturday Scenarios

In order, the scenarios will be:

  1. Grand melee
  2. 3 vs 3 team melee
  3. Capture the flag
  4. Double elimination tournament

Rapier has 3 designated points to allocate to the baroness you believe is the most beautiful, graceful, and well loved in the land. 3vs3 teams is worth one point. Capture the flag is worth 1 point. Double elimination is worth 1 point.
Saturday Rapier begins following 10am court.