Youth Tournament & War Fighting

Youth Combat at Autumn War 2018

Bring your young fighters to war and sign them up to win glory and prizes.

Youth 6 to 17 years old may enter with what ever armor they have and loaner armor will be provided to fill in the gaps. Come to the family activities area Friday evening around 6 pm to get fitted for loaner gear, have your gear inspected and sign up for the Karl Redstone Tournament.

The Karl Redstone Memorial Tournament

The tournament will begin before court at 9 am on Saturday in the eric. It will be round robin, cross division, tournament with prizes for the most chivalrous, knightly fighter in each division. For details on Chivalry on the battle field see page 10, section B. Behavior on the Field in the An Tir Book of Combat. To read more about Karl Redstone see the Antir wiki page.

If you need gear and you miss meeting up Friday night, come anyways and we will see what armor we have left for you.

Youth War Combat

Bring your youth and their armor to the War field right after court on Saturday morning. The youth will have their own multi-man melee on the war field while the adults are preparing for war.